Le matériel qui suit est une reproduction du dossier militaire d'Edward Connolly tel que conservé au War Office 97, de Kent, Angleterre. J'ai reproduit le document avec une certaine fidélité, en autant que les possibilités d'édition le permettaient. Le texte en écriture cursive est manuscrit dans l'original (ce qui ne veut pas dire qu' Edward a signé son nom!).

(Page 1)

HIS MAJESTY'S 4th Royal Veteran Battalion, whereof
General Lowther Lord Muncaster is Colonel.

THESE are to certify, that Eward Connolley Private
born in the Parish of Fentenough in, or near the Town of Fentenough
in the County of Tyrone hath served in the said Regiment for the
Space of
two Years and two hundred and seventy four Days, as likewise in other Corps;
accordng to the following Statement, but in consequence of
the Battatlion
being ordered to be disbanded. Wounded in action
in Both Legs at Fort George, U.C. 27 may 1813, and
is desirous of residing in Canada until the Decision
of the Commissioners of Chelsea is known

is considered unfit for further Service Abroad and is proposed to be discharged; and
has been ordered to remain in
Canada Drummondville until his case may be finally determined on,
having first received all just Demands of Pay, Clothing, &c. from his entry into
the said Regiment, to the Date of this Discharge, as appears by the Receipt on
the Back hereof,
except and that he has no claim whatever
on the 4th Royal Veteran Battalion.

And to prevent any improper Use being made of this Discharge, by its falling
into other Hands, the following is a Description of the said
Edward Connolley
He is about thirty nine Years of Age, is five Feet 4 Inches in height,
Dk Brown Hair Grey Eys hearthy Complexion, and by Trade a Labourer

Any Claims reserved for Investigation at Home, are to be here specified; if none, Care must be taken that the Blank is filled up
with the following Words, viz. " and that he has no Claim whatever upon the Regiment".



In what corps


Private Total service

In East or West Indies included in the aforegoing total

  From To Yrs Dys Yrs Dys Years Days
  1797 1813           W.I.
8th Foot (1st bat) 12th Nov 24th Dec 16 43 16 105   123
  1813 1816            
4th RVB 25th Dec 24th Sept 2 274 2 274    
Total     18 351 19 14   123

Given under my Hand and Seal of the Regiment at Quebec
the Eight Day of January 1817

(Signature) Don. Matthisson, commanding Officer
lt. Col. of the 4th RVB

(Page 2)

I Edward Connolley do acknowledge that I have received
all my Clothing, Pay, Arrears of Pay, and all just Demands whatsoever, from the Time
of my enlisting in the Regiment mentioned on the other side, to this Day of my
24TH September 1816

As witness my Hand this Tenth Day of January 1817
Sam Bourguin
Lugt ? ?

I do hereby certify, that the Cause which has rendered it necessary to discharge
the within-mentioned
Private Edwd Connolley as stated on the
opposite side, has not arisen from Vice or Misconduct, and that he is not, to my
Knowledge, incapacitated by the sentence of a General Court Martial from receiving
his pension.
His General Character is good
+ is highly Recommanded

Surgeon (signature), Commanding officer late 4th RVB


Extrait des documents du War Office 97

Archives Nationales du Canada, reel no B-5615